Docker PaaS - Deis 安装(Installing Deis on AWS)

1. Get the source code
$ git clone
$ cd deis

2. Generate SSH key
$ssh-keygen -q -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/deis -N ' ' -C deis

3. Generate a new discovery URL
$ make discovery-url

4.Install the aws client
$ pip install awscli
$ pip install pyyaml

5. Configure the aws client
$ aws configure

AWS Access Key ID [None]: ***************
AWS Secret Access Key [None]:************************
Default region name [None]: us-west-1
Default output format [None]:

6. Upload the keys to aws
$ ssh-keygen -q -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/deis -N '' -C deis 
$ aws ec2 import-key-pair --key-name deis --public-key-material file://~/.ssh/

7. Set the number of instances

8. Customize cloudformation.json **
   "ParameterKey":    "KeyPair",
   "ParameterValue":  "deis"

**9. Run the provision Script

$ cd contrib/ec2
$ ./ { "StackId":"arn:aws:cloudformation:ap-southeast-1:413516096905:stack/deis/9699ec20-c297-11e3-89eb-50fa01cd7096"}

Your Deis cluster has successfully deployed.
Please wait for all instances to come up as "running" before continuing.

10. Configure DNS (PS: I configure a A record for
11. Install Deisctl
$ curl -sSL | sh -s 1.2.1 
$ ln -fs $PWD/deisctl /usr/local/bin/deisctl

12. Install Deis Platform
$ deisctl --version

$ eval `ssh-agent -s`
$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/deis
$ export DEISCTL_TUNNEL=""
$ deisctl config platform set sshPrivateKey=~/.ssh/deis
$ deisctl config platform set
$ deisctl install platform

You will see the output like following:

■●Installing Deis...

Scheduling data containers......

Deis installed.
Please run `deisctl start platform` to boot up Deis.

Login in AWS and 5 instance has be launched.

$ deisctl start platform start platform
$ deisctl list

You will see the output like following:

deis-builder.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-cache.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-controller.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-database.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running
deis-logger.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-logspout.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-logspout.service 860a1cd3.../ loaded active running
deis-logspout.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-logspout.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-logspout.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running
deis-publisher.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-publisher.service 860a1cd3.../ loaded active running
deis-publisher.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-publisher.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-publisher.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running
deis-registry@1.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-router.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-router@1.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-router@2.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-router@3.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running
deis-store-daemon.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-store-daemon.service 860a1cd3.../ loaded active running
deis-store-daemon.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-store-daemon.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-store-daemon.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running
deis-store-gateway.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-store-metadata.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-store-metadata.service 860a1cd3.../ loaded active running
deis-store-metadata.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-store-metadata.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-store-metadata.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running
deis-store-monitor.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-store-monitor.service 860a1cd3.../ loaded active running
deis-store-monitor.service  a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-store-monitor.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-store-monitor.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running
deis-store-volume.service 7aa4377f.../ loaded active running
deis-store-volume.service 860a1cd3.../ loaded active running
deis-store-volume.service a6b009f5.../ loaded active running
deis-store-volume.service ad04b506.../ loaded active running
deis-store-volume.service f2fc4fb0.../ loaded active running

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